Anna Abakunova is a Ph.D. candidate at Dnepropetrovsk National University and her specialties are history and psychology. She is the editor of the scholarly journal “Eurasian Studies“ (published in Kazan, Russia). Her field of research work includes the historiography of the Holocaust, the rescuing of Jews by non-Jews during the Holocaust, the comparison of 20th Century genocides in historical and psychological perspectives and interethnic relations. She is currently a fellow at Paideia.


The Holocaust in occupied Ukrainian territories
Holocaust research started in Ukraine from 1991 only, but today the Holocaust in the occupied territory of Ukraine is one of the most popular topics among not only Ukrainian researchers but western also. During this session we will look at the Holocaust in the occupied Ukrainian territories in a historical perspective: stages, organizations, and methods of annihilation, relationships between Jews and non-Jews as well as helping Jews, collaboration and resistance from historical and psychological points of view. Also we will discuss the memory of the Holocaust in modern Ukraine: the commemoration of victims and erecting monuments, and we will try to answer the question of what the Ukrainian people really know about the Holocaust. How has Holocaust history become (or has not become) of part of Ukrainian national memory? In addition we will try to compare the fates of Roma and Jews in Ukraine in the war-time period with a historical approach and compare the memory of extermination of Ukrainian Jews and Roma destruction in present-day Ukraine.