American by birth and Israeli by choice since 1969 with wife, 3 children and 4 grandchildren.  Educated at Harvard University in history and business.  For almost 50 years a collector, researcher, cataloger, writer, lecturer, appraiser and advisor in the field of Judaica  –  objects of Jewish historical and ritual interest.

A passion for the collecting of Jewish ritual objects since 1964 continued and expanded throughout life in Israel, concentrating on the identification of and research about each individual object and their exposure to the public. The Gross Family Collection has been represented in more than 130 public exhibitions throughout the world.  From this activity a secondary career developed in the field of Judaica. William has served as an official appraiser for more than 15,000 objects in both public Museum and private collections and many more than that have passed through his hands. He has written more than 30 contributions to books and journals and lecture widely on many topics regarding his view of Judaic objects not just as aesthetic creations but as documents illuminating Jewish history.


An Antique Road Show: Judaica
William Gross will look at Jewish objects brought by members of the public, identifying them and presenting them in both Jewish and general context. If you want your item to be looked at, e-mail William with a picture! Write “roadshow” as subject. Due to the time limit, not all objects will be chosen by him, but he is willing to speak to everyone who wishes afterwards.

Judaica: A Love Affair with Non-Jewish Culture
While Jewish ritual objects and images are most surely “Jewish”, in most instances the source of style and image that define them have roots in the non-Jewish world.

Angels & Demons: The Images of Jewish Magic
The world of Jewish Magic is filled with fascinating images and texts that bring into focus a little known aspect of Jewish life throughout history.