Simo Muir is a postdoctoral research fellow in a project called “Performing the Jewish Archive” at the University of Leeds. Muir has a Ph.d in Yiddish from Helsinki Universoty, and has published widely on Jewish history in Finland, Jewish–Finnish relations, and latent antisemitism in Finland in the 1930s. Between 2010 and 2014 he was a researcher in the Finnish Academy-funded project “Cultures of Silence,” which focused on Finnish historiography of the Holocaust. His current research focuses on post-war artistic responses to the Holocaust. Muir is a contributing co-editor of Finland’s Holocaust: Silences of History (2013) and his latest book “Now More Letter’s from Poland” (Ei enää kirjeitä Puolasta, 2016) tells the story of the Blaugrund family in the perils of WWII in Poland and Finland.

Sessionstitel: Norden och Förintelsen – fyra berättelser om opportunism, svek och hjältemod

Presentatör(er): Simo Muir

Sessionsbeskrivning: Nordiskt spår – Finland

60 min

Spår: Nordiskt spår