Yonah Lavery-YisraeliYonah is a rabbi and ritual scribe who has lived in too many countries but notably moved from Jerusalem to Gothenburg in 2012.

Session 1: Shulhan Arukh on Sorcery and Superstition

The Shulhan Arukh is a foundational text of Jewish law. Let’s try to get through the section on laws of sorcery and superstition, or as far as we can without overly hurrying ourselves.

 Session 2: How Torah Scrolls, Mezuzoth, and Tefilin Get Written

An introduction to sofruth (ritual writing). Please feel free to bring any questions you might have about your own or your community’s kitvei qodesh (mezuzoth, sifrei torah, etc), or, if you can’t make the session, to find me out elsewhere at Limmud to ask.

Session 3: Learning Some Gemara

Let’s start at the beginning of the eighth chapter of Bava Qama. The material deals with legal consequences of physical assault, and challenges our usual self-perception as those who live in a “civilised” justice system, as opposed to a “barbaric” past.