Ulkar Bayramova is from Azerbaijan. She is a PhD student, researching the Bologna process and the credit point system implementation in Azerbaijanian higher schools. In 2008 she passed Cisco CCNA and became an IT expert. In 2009 she graduated from a 1 year online courses at Turku University (Finland) and Tallinn University (Estonia) and she is currently a distance learning expert. She is working as an international expert both in NATO and EC IT projects and e-learning projects. Ulkar speaks Azerbaijanian, English, Russian, Turkish, Turkmen, Talysh (a tribal language in the south of Azerbaijan) and is learning Hebrew.


Mountain Jews in Azerbaijan
The mountain Jews are one of the big minorities in Azerbaijan. They live in the north of Azerbaijan, in a small town called Krasnaya Sloboda (The Red Village). Before the sovetization of Azerbaijan the name of the town was Evreyskaya Sloboda (The Jewish Village). There are different opinions about their arrival to Azerbaijan in different sources. The mountain Jews have lived in Krasnaya Sloboda for many many centuries, but they were able to keep their traditions and culture, inspite of living surrounded by Muslims. They speak a language called Juhuri, which is a mix of Tat and Hebrew . Juhuri is only understood by the mountain Jews living in Krasnaya Sloboda.