Asher Bitansky - 4Asher Bitansky is a leading developer of Israeli music and artists on the international music scene. He played a key role in the careers of  Noa, Yael Naim, Idan Raichel, Avishai Cohen etc. His areas of expertise include business development, Stage-systems, music-publishing, career-coaching direction etc. Asher founded the Sound Design Department at Tel Aviv University.In 2011 he shared the honour of receiving a Technical Grammy Award given to Waves Audio as the Director of Business Development. He has co-promoted outdoor concerts such as Dire Straits, Foreigner, Joe Cocker and many others.Bitansky took Noa to perform before Pope John Paul II!

Session 1: A journey beyond my wildest dreams!

At 22 Asher founded the More Group, a complex of companies for the entertainment industry. He is considered visionary.  He developed a concept where everything needed could be found  under one roof. With a passion for music, technology, and a strong kinship with the entertainment community, Asher Bitansky has enjoyed a carrier which has stretched over four decades. Today he is a sought after consultant for music and technology companies. Listen to his story and his forecasts for the future.  Will Israel become a growing power of cultural export? 

Session 2:  My father was a tailor

Listen to the amazing story of Asher Bitanskys father and of other Jewish immigrants from Europe and how they helped in creating the American music industry. A story about freilach, klezmer and Jewish music patrons from the textile-industry.  Here you will find out why record companies are called “Label”s.

Session 3: “Oldies but goodies” and contemporary Israeli music

Asher Bitansky plays music and talks about his favourite Israeli artists from the early days until today.