Nelly_SingerGraduated in Art History and Museum studies at the Ecole du Louvre and holds an M.A in French Literature. She is currently studying at Paideia in Stockholm. During her academic training, Nelly Singer focused on Jewish Art and Jewish Museums in the 19th and 20th centuries. She has also been involved in provenance research for restitution claims and has recently achieved an internship at the French Ministry of Culture, working on the Paris Art Market under the Nazi Occupation. Nelly Singer wishes to dedicate her future research on Jewish art and looted cultural assets, and to stay involved with Jewish-related cultural organizations.

Sessionstitel: The Recovery Of Looted Cultural Assets. Historical Overview And Present-Day Issues

Presentatör(er): Nelly Singer

Sessionsbeskrivning: The aim of this session will be to present the historical aspects of looted cultural property during the Second World War and the issues raised nowadays by looted art on different levels. I will analyse these specific issues, mainly provenance research, jurisdiction and museum collections. The last part of the session will be dedicated to a short case-study: the restitution of a Matisse painting by Norwegian private museum which took place in 2014.

60 min