Born in Los Angeles but lived in Israel for 35 years where he played an active role in the development of the Masorti Movement and there. He is the founding director of RIKMA: Spiritual Community Leadership Training. He moved to Sweden last year and serves as the rabbi of Stockholm Jewish Community. David and his wife Sascha are parents to five daughters.


An imam, a priest and a rabbi…
Our Jewish tradition teaches “Talmud Torah k’neged kulam“, that the study of our own sacred texts is more important than any of the other commandments. It follows that if we Jews should make it our business to know at least some of the texts held sacred by Muslims and Christians, and that they learn some of ours. Here is a chance to study Jewish and Christian texts with Imam Halima Krausen, Muslim and Jewish texts with Domprost Åke Bonnier and Muslim and Christian texts with Rabbi David Lazar.

Scener ur ett blandäktenskap
Ett samtal om familjen, tro och vardag i interkulturella familjer. Vilka frågor ställs vi inför när en jude och en icke-jude bildar familj? Och vilka frågor ställer vi till den judiska religionen och den judiska församlingen? Medverkande är både de som lever med dessa frågor och de som jobbar med frågorna: Irene Lopez, Samuel Sjöblom, David Lazar och Lasse Dencik. Moderator: Noa Hermele

Conversion according to Halacha AND Aggadah
Much of classical Jewish literature can be divided into two major groups:  Halacha, which deals with what a Jew does on a day to day basis, and Aggadah, which deals with what a Jew thinks, believes and feels. Much can be learned today from various Aggadic sources concerning the topic of conversion that might help us create a better and more appropriate approach to accepting new members into our community.