Ute SteyerRabbi of the Jewish Community of Stockholm and rabbi of the masorti Great Synagogue. She received her semicha (rabbinic ordination) in 2009 from The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York and holds a M.A. in Jewish Philosophy. She is also a doctoral candidate in Jewish philosophy. She is also the resident lecturer of talmud at Paideia – The Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. Prior to coming Stockholm, Rabbi Steyer was working and teaching at the Center for Jewish Law of Yeshiva University/Cardozo School of Law and The Jewish Theological Seminary.

Sessionstitel: God Or G-D: dashing The Divine Name. Halakhah or ”Frumkeyt”?

Presentatör(er): Ute Steyer

Sessionsbeskrivning: The tetragrammaton is considered so holy that it was pronounced only once a year by the Kohen Gadol in the Temple on Yom Kippur. Text containing the tetragrammaton are treated with the utmost respect but were does the line go? We look at sources and learn the halakhah.

60 min


Sessionstitel: Hur kan religionernas innehåll leda toll samförstånd?

Presentatör(er): Ute Steyer, Salahuddin Barakat

Sessionsbeskrivning: Imam Salahuddin Barakat samtalar med rabbin Ute Steyer. Samtalet modereras av Stina Dabrowski. Samtalet handlar om båda religionernas innehåll, hur detta kan tolkas eller misstolkas, användas fel eller rätt och på vilket sätt man kan tydliggöra, tolka och sprida dessas samförståndsbudskap.

60 min