Hanna holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the Belarusian State University and has done a Master’s program in international human rights law at Lund University, Sweden. She has studied social anthropology, development and minority rights. She speaks fluent Russian, Belarusian and English, has a good command of Swedish and basic knowledge of Hebrew. Hanna has been involved in numerous projects in Belarus, Kenya, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia, and has worked as a project manager for educational and volunteer projects in the Jewish student organization Beit Hillel in Minsk. Today, she is actively involved in Baltic Development Forum activities, a high-level and agenda-setting networking organization in northern Europe. She is a member of Third Way Liberal Community and TWIGA. Hanna is fond of traveling and facing new cultures, meeting new people and trying unexplored things. Her future goal is to work in the government or in an NGO, changing the world.


My Jewish Experience: Voices from Europe
Four Paideia fellows talk about their Jewish experience in Europe, whether in or out of communities, or as students of Jewish culture at universities. What is the situation of Judaism and Jewishness in Europe today? In the aftermath of the Holocaust, is there really something for Jews in Europe? Hear from four Paideia fellows – Jews and non-Jews, men and women, communally involved and not – about what being engaged in Jewish issues means to them, and how they see the future of Jewish culture and ideas – as well as community and life – in their home countries.