zilberg_400Leonid Zilberg was born in 1962 in the family of historian. Graduated from economic faculty of the Syktyvkar State University. Since 1999 Zilberg has been the Chairman of Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy of Komi Republic. In 2001 he was Counselor on social and political issues of the Governor of Komi Republic. He is a member of the Public Chamber of Komi Republic. Author of several articles on national and public issues. He is a member of the Russian Jewish Congress. He is
the editor of an independent human rights Internet portal “7×7”.

Session 1: Menachem Begin – Biblical images in the destinies of modern Jewish leaders.

The aim of this session is the analysis of the Biblical allusions and connotations in the life of the  prominent Israeli leader, Menachem Begin. He came from a pious family, received a brilliant  education and in 20 years become a recognized leader. He was persecuted in Poland, Lithuania and the USSR. Begin had almost died in 1941, while he had been at the Stalin’s camp on the territory of the  Arctic circle (at present – Komi Republic). Then his fate radically changed. He came to freedom,  miraculously got out from the USSR. Then there were the years of struggle and incredible patience in his life and, finally, peak of his career – victory at the elections at Israel. Author’s concept lies in the assumption about parallels, analogies and similarities in the lines of destiny of Menachem Begin and Biblical Joseph