Born American, raised Midwest, Negev and even some Stockholm. Resident of Sweden the last thirty years with a smattering of Italy, that, would sum up a certain part of the presenter’s identity. Evan was born in to a reform Jewish environment, and sees his Jewish identity as constantly evolving. Thus we have kashrut for dummies. Evan, your resident “dummy” will usher you through some of the basics of the Jewish dietary laws, as seen through the eyes of someone who has not been born into a kosher home but regularly has guests and family members over that keep kashrut and have to be fed.

Session: Kashrut for dummies

During this session we will quickly  work through a definition and the basics to get to a practical approach. How  to quickly kasher a kitchen, or to put it another way: “Quick it’s pesach!!!” We’ll also give you some suggestions of easy dishes to serve when “oy vey the in-laws are coming to dinner! What to do?!” Finally we’ll share some real basic dos and don’ts that can make life easy as well as a few thoughts about personal meetings with kashrut. This session is presented by Evan Brotman together with Noa Nisell.