meirServed as Orthodox rabbi for 15 years in the Jewish community of Stockholm ( except from 4 years i Israel). schmicha from the Chief rabbinate, Israel , Served in the army as parachutist . Married to Liraz, 6 children ages 21-10 år. Studied in Yeschiva for 12 years, degrees in archaeology and science, Master in agronomics from Hebrew University,

Session 1: Abraham and Sarah who are you? Where do you come from

The Bible describes an elderly couple leaving their home town and starting a journey to the Land of Canaan. Who are these people and how did they influence the world? We will take a journey back to the places Abraham and Sara visited. Haran, Ur among other and discuss the people that lived there at that time and those who lives there today. Abraham and Sarah had a
special commission. Did they succeed with their task?

Session 2: Peace in the Land of Israel

We will go through the borders of Israel today. How did they come into existence. We will discuss the borders through history. We will continue to talk about the importance of peace in Jewish sources and look into different approaches in the
Torah and the Kabbalah. We will discuss the contradiction in different situations on one hand and the command to not to give up territories in order to achieve peace on the other hand. We will not discuss politics but discuss different sources, that was written by rabbis through out the generations.