Noa Nisell is a pastry chef and as such, an expert of tasty delights of all kinds. She is known from the recipe column of ”Laisha”, the largest Israeli women’s magazine. Noa was born and raised in an orthodox home in Tel Aviv, Israel and now lives in Sweden together with husband Yigal and their young daughter.

Session 1: Jewish cupcakes!

In the session we will learn how to make different kinds of frosting and more specifically a variety of decorating techniques with different tools, all with a Jewish twist. Maximum number of participants: 20 people.

Session 2: Kashrut for dummies

During this session we will quickly work through a definition and the basics to get to a practical approach. How to quickly kasher a kitchen, or to put it another way: “Quick it’s pesach!!!” We’ll also give you some suggestions of easy dishes to serve when “oy vey the in-laws are coming to dinner! What to do?!” Finally we’ll share some real basic dos and don’ts that can make life easy as well as a few thoughts about personal meetings with kashrut. This session is presented by Evan Brotman together with Noa Nisell.