Ami_YaresAmi Yares is a New Jersey-born, world traveling folk musician, teaching artist and peace builder with a knack for making music that moves you physically, spiritually, and politically. Influenced by the spectrum of Americana music, Ami’s music merges his New Jewish Jersey roots into Israeli and Arab culture in a yet-to-be-named fusion of styles. He has performed and taught in over twenty countries and worked with Seeds of Peace, The US Department of State,Heartbeat and various schools and universities. Ami couldn’t be happier to have the privilege to harvest hope and action though music.

Sessionstitel: We Are Family: An Exploration Of Jewish Peoplehood

Presentatör(er): Ami Yares

Sessionsbeskrivning: We Are Family is a highly interactive session combining participant dialogue and communal singing (Shira B’Tzibor). A smorgasbord of music from the pantheon of the Jewish musical tradition will guide the session from ancient text to modern incarnations of Jewish culture.

60 min


Sessionstitel: Young & Young At Heart

Presentatör(er): Ami Yares

Sessionsbeskrivning: When Ami taught in Israel, he worked with the Movement for Progressive Judaism to help young students create connections to Jewish culture through music. Come sing, learn and hear some of the repertoire that inspires and educate youth about Jewish identity and heritage.

45 min