Rebecca Lillian was ordained at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 1995, and has served Reconstructionist and other congregations in the USA. Currently Rebecca lives in Lund and teaches at Lund University. She has also worked as a hospital chaplain, and run a program that houses homeless families in synagogues and churches.  On the more joyous and comical side, Rebecca’s favorite holiday is Purim; she is proud to have served as the Purim Shpilmeister of several communities. Rebecca was a co-founder of Limmud Chicago, and co-chaired its first two conferences.


Judaism as a Civilization: What Does it Mean to “Reconstruct” Judaism
If, as Mordecai Kaplan wrote, Judaism is the “evolving religious civilization of the Jewish people,” what does this mean for us Jews as we evolve into the new millennium?  This session will function as a basic introduction to the tenets of Reconstructionist Judaism, using some of Kaplan’s writings as well as ideas from the contemporary Reconstructionist movement. The format will include lecture, text study, and discussion.

Hamakom Yinachem: Finding Comfort in Grief
The Jewish customs for comforting the bereaved, though ancient, are some of the most advanced and sophisticated methods of bringing comfort to those in mourning, and in helping people confront the most painful aspects of human mortality. In this session, we will review Jewish ways of comforting the bereaved and examine some of the current thinking in pastoral and bereavement counseling. The format will include lecture, text study, and discussion.

Hospitality: It’s Not Just a Good Idea, it’s a Mitzvah!
Jewish tradition has long taught that one of the most important mitzvoth is achnasat orchim, to welcome guests. From the time of Abraham and Sarah, who were known for their bountiful hospitality, offering hospitality generously and without reservation has been a mandate. Unfortunately, this mitzvah has too often been truncated or even abandoned in modern times. This session will include study and discussion of traditional midrash (legends) about the importance of offering hospitality as well as a discussion of ways in which contemporary Jews might revive this mitzvah...