Jacqueline Nicholls is a visual artist and Jewish educator. She uses her art to explore traditional Jewish concepts in untraditional ways. She has exhibited internationally and teaches at LSJS. She is a contributor to BBC R2 Pause for Thought.

Session 1: Ghosts & Shadows: the women who haunt the Talmud

Meet the anonymous women who use their wits, beauty and bodies to disturb and subvert the rabbis’ narratives.

Session 2: Concealing & Revealing: The Torah we learn from clothing:

The Kittel Collection is an art project that looked at the different ways clothing is used in Jewish tradition to convey meaning and identity. From motherhood, to mourning, to the pornographic nature of the modesty literature.

Session 3: Draw Yomi: Drawing the Talmud, a page a day

Daf Yomi is the undertaking to study a page of Talmud a day. It takes just over seven years to complete, once only practiced in right-wing circles, it is now being done across the Jewish world. Draw Yomi is an on-line project that draws inspiration from the day’s Talmud page.