Carl_Franks 2Carl Franks is currently engaged in Holocaust and Genocide studies at the Hugo Valentin Center, Uppsala University. He has previously been involved with the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism and the Swedish Liberal Party. He moved to Sweden from his native UK in 2009 after a number of years working on human rights projects in East Africa and South-East Asia. Carl is married to Lisa (also presenting at Limmud) and father to baby Naomi.

Sessionstitel: Norwegian Jew Smugglers: Defiance And courage

Presentatör(er): Carl Franks

Sessionsbeskrivning: Less famous than the rescue of the Danish Jews and shrouded in secrecy, the Norwegian Carl Fredriksens Transport nonetheless saved hundreds from deaths in the East. We follow the courageous people behind this operation and their fates.

45 min


Sessionstitel: Check Your Sources! Workshop On Factfinding

Presentatör(er): Carl Franks

Sessionsbeskrivning: We are bombarded with online propaganda claiming to be the truth. But can we rely on everything we read? In this session we will explore an important Shoah document used at the Nuremberg Trials and while trying to piece together the puzzle we will discover that all is not as it seems

60 min: