Shahar AzaniShahar Azani is the Consul for Media Affairs at the Consulate General of Israel in New York. He assumed the position in September of 2011, and has since been responsible for maintaining direct contact with American media in the tri-state area. Prior to joining the Consulate in New York, Consul Azani served as Deputy Spokesperson at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Israel’s Consul for Culture, Media and Public Affairs in Los Angeles, California; and Deputy Ambassador at the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nairobi, Kenya.

 Session 1: Israel and Africa: A personal perspective

What teaching a page of Gemarrah to a church in Nairobi can tell us about both the central role Israel plays in the world and the importance of developing a meaningful dialogue. New York Consul for Media and Public Affairs, Shahar Azani, relates his experience as a young Israeli diplomat in Africa and the on-the-ground collaboration between Israel and the sub-Saharan country.

Session 2: Israel´s public diplomacy struggle: An insider´s look

What does Israel’s Public Diplomacy look like in the U.S.? Israeli challenges from the West Coast to the East, by Israeli diplomat, Shahar Azani, who served in Los Angeles and New York, looking into problems and solutions. This is not a speech of defensive talking points but rather a compelling argument of how serving as “a light unto the nations” is the greatest PR tool we have as a State.

 Session 3: Israel in the media: Tools for effective communication

New York Consul for Media and Public Affairs, Shahar Azani, will provide insight into the heart of Israel’s unique relationship with leading world media, based in New York and beyond. Consul Azani will discuss the key guidelines based on which the Consulate engages with the media and will provide tools for effective communication, including success stories from his own personal experience.