Composer/pianist/conductor, especially of Yiddish music and American musical theater; also lecturer (In English and Yiddish) on Yiddish music, Yiddish theatre, Ashkenazic family names, the Yiddish language, and growing up speaking Yiddish in modern-day America.

Sessionstitel: Ashkenazic Family Names: What Our Names Mean, and What ‘What It Means” About Our Families

Presentatör(er): Binyumen Shaechter

Sessionsbeskrivning: What does your family name say about your family’s history?  Find out about your ancestors from 200 years ago, when they took a family name: what kind of work they did, what their first names were, what they looked like or behaved like, what their socio-economic status was, ​and ​where you came from, in this illuminating session on the etymology of Jewish patronymics.

60 min

Spår: Jiddsich


Sessionstitel: Binyumen Schaechter

Presentatör(er): How to sing in Yiddisch so that it sounds like Yiddisch

Sessionsbeskrivning: If you want to sing Yiddish, this workshop will teach you correct Yiddish pronunciation, transliteration and dialects. We will sample some famous Yiddish songs to try out that correct pronunciation.

60 min

Spår: Jiddisch, Kultur


Sessionstitel: The House on Bainbridge Avenue: Growing Up Speaking Yiddish in Modern Day America.

Presentatör(er): Binyumen Schaechter

Sessionsbeskrivning: Hear reminiscences of a young native Yiddish speaker – a son of a renowned Yiddish scholar, a nephew of a renowned Yiddish poet and songwriter, and brother of a renowned Yiddish journalist – who will reveal how he came to represent a true minority.

45 min

Spår: Jiddisch