One of Limmud’s founders. Now Limmud’s Senior Consultant, a governor of London’s Police Service, a magistrate and scholar-in-residence at the London Jewish Cultural Centre. Clive has been principal of a High School, Deputy Director of Liverpool’s municipal Education Department, Chair of a National Health Service hospital, Chair of Tzedek, the 3rd World Development agency. Besides his other roles, Clive works freelance around the world in educational, leadership, vision setting and team building fields.


The Mysterious Case of Hanuka – Hanuka has become a tremendously popular festival, perhaps because it provides a Jewish alternative to Christmas. But what does it actually celebrate? Victory against the Greeks? (There weren’t any Greeks around!) The miracle of the oil? (The Book of Macabees, where the story is told, doesn’t mention the oil!) And when Hanuka is finally mentioned in the Talmud, the response is ‘What’s Hanuka?’. We’ll try and find out…

Doomed to be Israel? – This week in our Torah reading, as every year, Jacob meets up with his brother. His preparations and his so-strange fight reveal much about him and the destiny for all Jews named after him and the new name he is given – Israel. We’ll examine the story and its implications.

Multiculturalism and the Jews – As Europe, under varying amounts of strain, adapts to its increasing multiculturalism, we might think Jews are more ready than most to manage. But does a multicultural society hold only benefits for the Jews, or are there threats too? We’ll consider some of the obvious pressure points and conflict areas of this adaptation and ask the age old question – is it good for the Jews?