Marvin J Shaw is the author of ‘Kosher Happiness – a 12 Step Programme To Reveal And Release Your Inner Potential’ and ’10 Days To Change Your Life – The Ultiimate Jewish Self-Help Book’. A teacher of counselling, colour therapy, stress-busting, creative writing, public speaking and personal development, Marvin has been writing, researching and teaching orthodox, holistic and kabbalistic ‘Jewish happiness’ for over 10 years. Marvin is a powerful motivational speaker whose aim is to spread the ‘Kosher Happiness 12-step programme’ worldwide.


Kosher Happiness – The Story Behind the Book – During this session we have a rare opportunity to hear from British author Marvin J Shaw about how his latest book came to be written.  ‘Kosher Happiness – A 12 Step Programme To Reveal and Release Your Inner Potential’ is a unique manual facilitating holistic Jewish joy. Please note that Marvin will be presenting a further two sessions that allow us to experience and explore the Kosher Happiness programme in greater depth. Don’t miss them!

Kosher Happiness – Spiritual Meditations of Colour, Joy and Optimism –  Marvin J Shaw, the originator of the unique, holistic and kabbalistic ‘Kosher Happiness’ experience will facilitate an uplifting selection of relaxation, meditation and visualisation experiences based on his newly published book ‘Kosher happiness – A 12 Step Programme To Reveal And Release Your Inner Potential’. Feel good and enjoy! This session is open to all irrespective of whether they attended the first session.

Kosher Happiness – How we Discover and Create our Life-Mission – This final session in our Kosher Happiness programme will allow us to explore our potential life-mission as well as energising us and signposting us in the right direction. Please bring pen, paper, a smile and your (speaking) voice!  This session is open to all whether or not they attended the first two sessions.