Pontus Rudberg is a PhD in history from Uppsala University and wrote his dissertation about Swedish Jewish responses to the Shoah. He has also written several articles on the topic. Rudberg is currently employed as a curator at the City Museum of Stockholm.

Sessionstitel: Sveriges judar och Förintelsen

Presentatör(er): Pontus Rudberg

Sessionsbeskrivning: “We will be judged in our own time and in the future by measuring the aid that we, inhabitants of a free and fortunate country, gave to our brethren in this time of greatest disaster.” This declaration, made shortly after the Pogroms of November 1938 by the representatives of the Jewish communities in Sweden, was truer than anyone could have anticipated at the time. It is this sensitive and much debated issue – Jewish responses to the persecutions and mass murders of Jews during the Nazi era – with which this presentation deals. What actions did Swedish Jews take to aid the Jews in Europe during the years 1933-45 and what determined and constrained their policies and actions?

45 min

Spår: Nordisk spår