meira-odinaMeira Odina has a Bachelor of Art degree in Communication from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and a Master of Cultural Management by the University of Girona. She began her career at Radio Miramar and in 1985 she joined the Information Services of the Spanish Television RTVE. Shortly after, she became part of the team ofeditors of Informe semanal. In 1989 she began her first film project as an author, director and screenwriter of the documentary series of 10 one hour chapters Los años vividos (The Years We Lived) a complete review of the 20th century in Spain based on the memory of 250 most outstanding Spanish personalities. The program was awarded with the Premios Ondas Internacional de Television in 1992.

In 1991 she was appointed director of investigative journalism program Dossier 21 in RTVE, the Spanish Television. This series consisted of 10 research documentaries with topics related to current events and the recent past. Some of the documentaries produced during this period, such as “Objective: kill Franco” were broadcasted by various foreign television channels and were exhibited in international festivals. In 1995 she moved to New York as a correspondent of the Spanish Television.

Session 1: Jewish life in Europe: Its Challenges and Opportunities

Meet three of the forefront activists of Jewish Europe Meira Odina from Spain, Mária Tömösváryová from Slovakia and Ariel Homa from Poland, all currently students at Paideia the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. Learn about the quality and quantity of Jewish life in their respective home countries,  their notion of a European Jewish identity, their visions for future Jewish life in Europe, and why they are dedicating eight months of their lives to Jewish studies in Sweden.