John Roberts is a student of Theology and Religious Studies, currently approaching the conclusion of his three year BA at the University of Leeds with a promising excellent result. He is a well-known member of the department, particularly due to his position as School Representative working alongside the Students’ Union. He has been very enthusiastic in other aspects, such as helping out with the department society, Community Religions Project, and assisting at open days. John has worked seasonally at Poundland, a national-level retailer, for the past several years. John is extremely passionate about language learning, films, and Jewish Studies/History/culture. He wishes to pursue this in an academic context, working alongside communities, and engaging both students and professionals in this area. He plans to build up courses celebrating Jewish culture in contemporary Europe.

Session: Challenges and Opportunities for Jewish Life in Europe

This summer the President of the Jewish Agency Nathan Sharansky, in Jewish Press, declared the end to Jewish life in Europe. But what does the next generation of European Jews think about it? Hear three Paideia students from different parts of Europe share their perspective on the challenges and opportunities they meet in their home communities.

This session is in English